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hardest day of my life   
10:25am 12/03/2008
mood: discontent
i had to deal with one of the hardest days of my life yesterday. lina called me to help her go look for her dog. which was one of the best dogs in the world. she was left outside the night before because of her boyfriend. he put her out and fell asleep and left her out there. she called me that night but i was asleep. we searched every where for her for hours. i was really trying to keep my hopes up for lina. so before we left to go look somewhere else we stopped down by the basketball courts and there is a creek right there. so i started walking along the creek and i walked down a little more and i saw hen hen floating in the creek. this was in no way that i wanted to find her. i loved hen hen just as if she was mine. she was sierra's best friend. and i never wanted to ever find her like that. in a way it kinda looked as if she was just dumped in there. but we really don't know that for sure. i went to go pull her out of the creek and christian came down and pushed me out of the way. he pulled her out and we covered her with a jacket which was all we could do at the time. we had to wait for the cops to show up which they took for ever and didn't give a shit at all. they basically said that hen hen was stupid and droned. which was not true at all. after they left we were suppose to wait for animal control but they said they were not going to come out. so we left went and got christian cause he had to leave cause he had cory's car and he had to bring it back cause he had to go to work. after we got him we took some of our blankets and gave them up for hen hen.  he wrapped her up in them and we took her to the vet and she is going to be cremated  its going to be a week or two before lina gets the ashes back.  and while all this was going on and it was her stupid boyfriends fault in the first place he didnt do a damn thing to help. he just slept all damn day didnt even help go look for her. he is such a fucking douche. in the end he will get his. so after we went to the vet dropped her off said our goodbyes to her we went to the store and lina bought some flowers. i didnt really have any money to spend so when we got back to where it happened there were some really pretty flowers right around there before you walk down the the basketball courts. so i picked a bunch of them and took them down with me. we threw down flowers on the ground down to the creek and then we threw flowers in the creek. at the time thats all we could do. iam going to make a little headstone for her and put it down there as well. i have had one of my dogs die so i know how hard it is. but i just couldn't  imagine finding my dog in dead in the creek. she had blood coming out of her mouth. so she was either hit by a car or someone beat her badly. my heart goes out to lina and my thoughts are with hen hen. she will forever be missed.  we love you hennessey!!!

R.I.P My Friend
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Hello live journal.........its been a while   
08:14pm 15/12/2007
  its been sometime since i have wrote on here. almost forgot about it ; /
i guess you can say things have been ok. i have had a lot of shit on my mind. thinkin about leaving this shit hole and starting my life all over again. sometimes there comes a point in your life where you just have to pick up your things and move on.  i think it is my time to do that. there really is nothing here for me. no matter how hard you try to make things better for your self here it just doesnt happen. the only thing this state has going for it is that its pretty other then that it sucks hard. everyone around here sucks ass. i feel as if iam not the same person any more. i dont go out and do anything i just sit at home always. christian bitches about how he cant go out and skate but its like okay well you know you are a hell of a lot older then me let me go out and have my fun. its not my fault that you did that already. iam going to be 25 and i feel as if nothing is going to change between us. he is just going to stay the hermit that he is. and i dont like that i like to go out and hang out with people. but no i cant do that i have to be the same way as him. it gets so tiring after awhile.  oh and satan forbid that i have guy friends. when ever i go anywhere like going back home. all he every says to me is so how many guys hit on you. its not did you have fun. its just about guys hitting on me. and its like well........ya i want to have a life again. i went from doing so many things to doing nothing and wasting my life away sitting in this damn house. i have the choice to leave. i have the choice to start over. its just on how i am going to go about it. its not going to be easy cause every time i have tried to leave christian he doesnt let me leave. i feel trapped and i should feel like that. i need to get my life together so i can be happy again. thats all that really matters in life is being happy. and why stay doing something that doesnt make you happy right?  well i guess i am going to go satan forbid if i dont have the house clean cause he cant do it by himself. which is pretty lame to me. same stupid routine over and over again. god it gets old.
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new job   
02:57pm 28/03/2006
mood: bored
well yeah i started a new job called 1800GOTJUNK? its is so much fun and iam getting a great work out at that to. i work with christian. we both got fired from ouzos. i was on workmans comp and the fuckers fired me. and in the state of south carolina they can hire and fire at will. yeah pretty fuckin lame. but i have a better job now and iam getting paid more. i talked to my friend cassidy the other day. man i havent talked to her in forever. i miss her. i have her phone number now and i think she might move near me. which would be awsome. i really want to move back to ca. i just found out that i have family that i never new i had. my cousin brandon is a famous punk rock star. who knew. and he sang for the dead kennedys. i think thats awsome. i just dont understand why i never new about him. my uncle jay lives down in fl now. i think thats really cool that he is talking to the family again. he is in his own punk band called twisternaked. they kick ass. and its not because its my uncles band either. well sierra has a play date so iam going to go. they are going to be here soon.

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hello live journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
10:45pm 06/12/2005
mood: high
well yeah its been a long ass time since i have wrote in here. no i have not forgot about you live journal. so yeah i have my own fuckin place now. fuck ya. no more of these stupid ass fuckin bitchin and drama about living with my parents. yep on my own. well iam living with my b/f. i have a dog, 2 cat, 2 frogs and 2 fish and one snail. yep thats a lot. well not really. 4 are hella small and dont take much to care for them. my cats are indoor out door cats. and my dog she is the best. i love her more then anything in the world. christian only has one animal and its spawn. she is a 6 toed calico cat. she is fuckin bitchin but yet she is a total cut. she hates everything. but she can be loving sometimes. i live in a stupid state now. its fuckin gay. but its okay. just a pit stop till i have the money to move back to nor-cali. i miss it there. living in the redwoods. you will never see a place like this anywhere. the trees have so much history to them. and they are so old. like millions of years old.
yeah it really looks like that. man i love it. right now nothing will ever compare to that. well going to go talk to you kids later.

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01:31am 23/07/2005
mood: exhausted

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yeah i guess you could say thats me. i went to fl. stayed there for a week. it was nice. i was very happy to see my mom. i really havent seen her in like a year and a half. yeah thats a long time of not seeing my mom. omg bailey has gotten so big. man and iam missing it all. she was so happy that i was there. iam going to try to come down to see her for her birthday. i know that would make her happy. iam not going to tell her. cause that is going to be part of the gift. i live in a house now. not a stupid apt. anymore. the house is precivil war its fuckin cool. but we had to clean the whole place out. the people that lived in it before were really bad pack rats. see the landlord is our friend. we are renting the house out from her as a favor. and because we had to clean it out we get two months free. we have an acer and a half in the back. sierra loves it. christian is going to build his skatepark back there. matt and jason are moving down. so christian will be happy. going to get another job. our hours got cut back at work. so i think it would be a good idea to get another job. well i think iam going to go. iam really tired.

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so yeah.....   
09:42am 10/04/2005
mood: hungry
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well there you go megan. its always what you wanted. lol. well yeah sierra has to get her shots today. and so do the kitty's they are not going to be happy. planet of the drums is going to be in charlotte and iam going to have jordie and lina come up and we are all going to go together. havent been to a party in a while. well more then a while a long time. got sick yesterday didnt get to go to work :( oh well its okay christian covered for me anyways. still dont know when iam going to come down. need to take a break from christian. well i think iam going to go. going to take sierra and mocha to the park so they can run. sierra really needs to. so talk to you all later.

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^_^ yay!!!! get to listen to dnb again   
07:25pm 07/04/2005
mood: excited
hell yeah got the fucking speakers for the computer. now i get to listen to tuns of dnb like i use to. makes me happy ^_^ talked to ryan and he said he might pay for a roundtrip bus ticket to come down to fl for shanes party that he is having. its on the 29th of this month. i hope i can go. lina and jordie is are going to fly out here well unless i drive down there and get them. which i think would be fun for them. i cant wait to see them and i would like to see other people to. i would love to go to shanes party. i havent seen him in so long. everyone wants me to move back to fl. but i just moved here. and well we are here at least till dec. because thats when our lease is up. i dont know what we are going to do then. i dont even know whats going to happen. who knows whats going to happen up untill then. gotta work tomarrow. work isnt that bad. just started. i work with christian so thats cool. going to try to get another job. cause i need one. blah not looking forward for tomarrow morning. i have to deworm the animal again. blah. its so sick. but hey you have to do it. in a couple of days Sierra is going to go get some more shots. she is getting another parvo shot which she needs really bad. i dont need anything happening to her again. got a pic of my tasia, our bus, and some pics of colorado. man i forgot how pretty red rocks was. well iam going to go. got thinks i need to do.

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that rocks!   
06:55pm 06/04/2005
mood: ecstatic
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been a while since i have wrote in here   
06:34pm 06/04/2005
mood: grateful
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so yeah was going to move back to boynton but now iam not. might see lina soon. ^_^ i would love to see her. i miss lina so much. i now live in South Carolina iam not to far for fl. so iam going to come down soon. have to get my shit from my moms hosue. i live in an appartment with my b/f and some of my friends. they are more like family. lina said she is going to try to get jordie to come up and see me. my mom is getting kinda upset that i havent seen her to much this year and i have seen my grandma more. well i wanted to be on the west cost and not on the east but its not cold here so its all good. its really pretty. well i am going to go tend to my cat and my dog. talk to ya later

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that works   
01:40pm 16/02/2005
mood: annoyed
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yeah that works. cause thats kinda what mood iam in. been dealin with stupid people. iam going to try to go to alanta ga tomarrow. we will see how that goes. cant wait to see lina iam so close. iam going to go to fl soon. i want to go see my mom. so i think iam going to do that soon. i really need to just go and take a break from other people. need to just go and hang out with my good friends. you know kinda take a break from christian to. well i have to go. they are going to try to get some bud so i have to get off.

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been a lot of places   
12:07am 15/02/2005
mood: drained

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its been a while since i have wrote in here. well as you can see i have been doing a lot of traveling and its been kinda a blast. there has been bad times. but i think no matter what there is always going to be a bad time sooner or later. iam still with christian. i spent over 9 hours in the er with him last night. yeah it sucks. he has a kidney stone. ooo yeah that sucks for him. i feel so sorry for him. right now iam in Rock Hill South Carolina. yep iam in the deep south and thats the damn truth. under the bible bealt. man the people out here are hardcore christains. its scary but its so pretty out here and if you dont have to deal with anyone its really peaceful. we are at our friends mikes parents house. we have been here helping them out. and we might move into one of there other houses. and live there for free. which would be really cool. i have to send for my dog. i left her with my friend bearfoot because i was suppose to be going to my moms. i have a cat now to he is a cutie. well i will write more later. christian is going to take my turn on the game.

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its been a while   
12:46pm 07/11/2004
mood: sad
well its been a long time since i last wrote in here. iam up in hombolt county, Arcata California. its the best up here. i never want to leave i have the red woods in my back yard its great. iam still with christian. but i dont know for how much longer. things have kinda gone bad with the whole relationship and i dont really know what to do. iam so lost about the whole things its driving me crazy. iam going to go back to fl soon. i need to get away and do some thinking. so i thought i would go see my mom and then hang out with some friends for 2 weeks. i need some me time really bad and i dont get it at all around here. iam trying to get my 215 card. which means i can smoke as much dank bud as i want and they cant do shit about it. its 170 i think to get the card. but hey thats not bad. iam in a pot heads heaven. one o f my dogs died. Taisha she was the best dog ever. christian had this great idea and thought we should go back to iowa and well yeah we went back and taisha got provo well so did Sierra. now i have to pay 436 and some odd cents because she got it to and almost died. but she didnt i knew she wouldnt she is one stronge bitch thats for sure. this year has been different. i almost all over the U.S. might go to canada soon. met alot of great people. went to dead on the rocks in colorado. saw all my kids. got stuck yeah it was great. then went to schwagstock in missouri saw some kids that i hadnt seen in a while. that was the last show taisha went to and she had a blast. nothings better then just letting your dog run around with you at a show. Sierra is healthier then ever. she is back with her best friend dreamer and her step mom babe. since taisha died and sierra got sick i just havent really been all that happy. i miss my puppy. the reason that dog was alive was because of me. i pealed the after birth off of her and everything. and then she died. my dogs are my life because when it comes down to me having no one at least i have my dogs. well i have to go rob just made me food.


"the big T"
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Raging it in Des Monies, Iowa   
11:27am 14/04/2004
  so yeah right now iam in Des Monies, Iowa. iam here with my friends christain, summertime, hawkeye, ryan, and soon enough my b/f deryk will be here. we are waiting for him to get here before we go to cali. for the gathering out there. iowa is so pretty. i have a job here so i will get to check out more of it soon enough. i dont remember if the last time i wrote in here i said that i got a puppy well if i didnt then now iam. she is pit and hound i got her when she was 17 days old i had to bottle feed her and now she is like 3 months old. she is the best. i have had her almost as long as i have been going out with deryk. deryk is so fuckin sexy and what makes him even more sexy is that he is a road kid and doesnt really give a fuck about what people think of him. he has the best body in the world and he is so smart to. iam so glad i met him. iam really happy. but then again iam always happy when iam on the road. my kids are good to me and take care of me and i take care of them. i have met so many great people out here. right now iam living at the rainbow house with kevin and missy. they are both great. there little boy laim is so cute. iam on my way to cali. this is just kinda a pit stop iam in no rush i have a while before the other gathering that iam going to. i cant wait to get there though. iam going to go get my iowa id today. yay. kevin gave me 5 so i could go get it. they are great they made me a wisky pixy last night. my rainbow name is pixy no one calls me mindy anymore its cool though. i like the name pixy. last night i had to take care of my kids sister last night krissy she is cool. she was so shwilly last night that i had to take her up to the bathroom and make her just lay in there and let the water just beat on her. i hope she is feelin okay today. well hey i have to go my pup is going crazy. peace

love peace pot and a hella lot of micro dots
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whats up kids!!!   
09:49am 28/03/2004
  well right now iam back down in west palm. we were just up in jacksonvill but we had to come back down here cause ryan needed to get something. things have been a little crazy on the bus but thats all good. we are leaving today i got here last night and we are heading out to ashvill NC we are droping off one of the momma dogs yep that one is going to be babe. and thats the one my pup feeds off of but thats all good she needs to start eating regular food now. so thats alright iam going to miss her though she is such a good dog. i love her to death. so yeah we are hitting up a gathering out there and her owner is there. so after that we are leaving to go to damoin (spelled wrong maybe :/ ) then after that we are on our way to cali. i cant wait to get on the road. really i cant. iam sick of waiting around iam ready to start hiching. or take the bus. so yeah playing a game with my mom think things are going better. cant wait till i get back to the bus to see deryk i miss him well hey iam going to go talk to you cats later.

love peace pot and micro dots
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whats up kids   
06:29pm 19/03/2004
mood: content
whats up kids. just got to my moms house. yep just got back from the keys nope iam not living here iam leaving again going to cali for the rainbow family national gathering. cant wait. traveling in a big school bus thats not a bus anymore with a bunch of hippies. yep smokin nothin but the dankidy dank. yep. well i have a puppy now. yep she is the cutest thing ever. she is pit and hound. yep she is a little over a month old momma dog got killed so i now take care of her. so yeah the people that iam traveling or should i say that i live with are the best. oh yeah and hey whats up all you people in key west reading this. miss you guys already cant wait to see you at nations. lots of dogs on the bus i love it. iam the dog sitter and i get paid in pot for it gotta love it. um well lets see iam going to be going all over the place so i will try to update as much as i can because i know this is the only way some of you guys will be able to find out where iam at. yep well i love all you guys and miss every one. oh yeah gotten all shwilly off of rum cake for like the past 3 days lovin it and got all kinds of spun out lately. well kids i have to go tell you more later.
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whats up kids!   
04:58pm 03/02/2004
mood: high
well hey check it out. iam up here in ocala for the gathering. man i have met some cool ass fuckin kids. so far things have been great. nothing better then living in the woods with a bunch of tree loving hippies. yep and well i guess you could say that iam now a part of the rainbow family and iam loving it. this is the best way for me to get away from everything. iam sorry for not saying bye to everyone but it was kinda like i was getting kicked out of where i was stayin and then everyone was coming this way so i came with. i was really hoping that i would make it out here and now look where iam. i have met like i said the best people ever and they are just like family. it was cool i ran in to harmony i havent seen here since i was up in on lot at the phish concert up in co. yep nothing like driving over 13 hours just for a show. nothin get better then that. well i am going to be in the woods for about a month i should say. maybe i will come out with some really phat ass dreads. yep that would be nice. i would love it. and maybe also come back with some phatty ass cloths to. so far i have smoked a hella lot of pot. its been great. you get the best pot when you are around hippies. well hey my times almost up so iam going to go i have other things i want to do. maybe if i walk down to the libary again i might right in here but if not. have fun kids i love you guess and miss you guys hope to see you soon and maybe i will have something for you guys when i come back down. well.....thatgs if i come back down.

peace, pot, and micro dots.

<3 mindy
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so yeah   
04:26pm 29/01/2004
mood: depressed
okay so this is whats going on. i tihnk i might have a heart problem. yay sounds like fun huh. well not really. see i have been in and out of the hospital or should i say the er. yep they said that iam having a nervous break down. but i dont believe it. because my chest still hurts and well what they give me to take it away isnt workin so that just proves that there is something wrong. i dont feel right. it sucks ass. and there is nothing i can do about it either. well i dont really have much else to say other then iam not going to have anywhere to live in the next few days but thats okay i can deal with it. to tell you the truth i just kinda want to go home. i wish that i had someone that i could talk to or what not but i really dont and yeah that sucks even more. well iam going to go peace
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03:00pm 09/01/2004
mood: high
yay its my b-day eh not really. but now i can really drink and not get into any trouble.


KAVA BAR TONIGHT!!! going to be fuckin crazy yep
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so much shit going on.....   
08:11am 03/01/2004
mood: mellow
well yeah a lot of things have been going on. um..lets see i lost my job i got laid off as they say. yep that sucks balls. iam stayin at my friend chris's house with his mom and his step dad which they all are really cool people.chris is a really nice guy. for christmas he got me a new pipe. yep and then a really cool insence holder. yep. its alice and wonderland. its got the catapiller on the mushroom and then alice looking over it. yep i love it. for christmas i got him a new poster and an ashtray well the reason for that one is because he ashs on the ground all the time in his room so i got him something use full. well his b-day is coming up its the 24 and well i got him a pipe yesterday because when i leave here he will not have one. its a really nice pipe and its going to be really pretty the colors are really nice. i kinda wanted it for my self. well yeah he got mad at me because i bought it but thats okay. iam missing out on the phish concert today but thats okay. my birthday is friday and iam going to be 21 its really no big deal for me because i dont really care because i dont really drink. chris wants to throw a party here for me but i dont know about that. well by the end of this month i have to leave here. yep iam basically fucked i dont have anywhere else to go and i just got laid off so....iam how can you say royaly fucked! my little stress bumps have come back. my tooth is still fucking infected and there is nothing i can do about it. i really like chris. i just wish that his ex g/f didnt hurt him as bad as she did. i feel so bad for him and i want to try to make him feel better but i dont know how iam suppose to do that. i mean yeah be there for him and everything like that but i just wish i could do more. well at least i know that he likes me. thats a plus. i went to the kava bar with my older sister and anderia. oh yeah we are going to make that like an every weekend thing. i have to say i had a lot of fun. even though i didnt find the pot that i was looking for but i guess you could say i had soemthing better. yep and that would be the kava. that was the first time i have had as a drink. it was weird didnt taste all that great kinda like dirt because it comes straight from the ground. but yeah it totally relaxed me and it kinda gives you a really good high. so yeah i applied at a head shop iam just waiting for them to call me back. have to go find another job soon. iam suppose to hang out with shana and anderia again today dont know what time but i hope its soon. i dont really have anything to do today. lol i found out that my little sister fucked anderias b/f the other day. oh my god yep that was keith and well one thats fucked up because she was suppose to be her best friend and then two dude he as been tryin to get with me. ewwww thats so fucking sick. and then i heard some other stuff about her. yep like she had sex with like 3 people with in like less then a week thats just fuckin sick. found out that my cuz cara is going out with another one of my ex b/fs dude she has a fucking problem once again thank god i didnt do anything with him. yep he is such a fucking loser. he got made because i wouldnt make out with him and then he went around and started talkin shit like the rest of the faggot guys out there. thats all they do is talk shit. i really hate stupid people like that you have something to say dont talk shit behind my back tel it to my face so i can kick the shit out of you. well i think iam going to go this is really fuckin long.

love,peace,pot, and micro dots ^_^
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03:39pm 03/11/2003
mood: ecstatic
well i just got another job. yep at my emotions yep things are going good for me right now. iam going to be moving in with nick and sean soon. yep thats going to be cool i get to get out of the house that is full of nothing but drunks and they break shit all the time cant be around that!!!! yep i still have glass in my foot because of them. tryed callin anthony but he didnt pick up. yep that sucks but its okay. i will try again. well iam going to go. peace
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